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We pledge allegiance to the red white and blue
For which it stands justice for all and liberty too

One nation under God indivisible so they say
Indiscriminate to religion race sex even gay

As we pledge allegiance to the red white and blue
Silent voices wonder if its the right thing to do

Excuse us for doubting in time of pain and need
Oh say can you see unite regardless of creed

So we pledge allegiance to the red white and blue
It seems like the politically correct thing to do

Since the home of the brave burnt in spacious sky
And crumbled to the ground but still we ask why

Should we pledge allegiance to the red white and blue
While we wait for our promised dreams to come true

Among rubbles of sacrificed lives can be seen
The tangled arms in sleeves yellow red black and green

(Copyright © Delores Chamblin September 2001)

Poem "As We Pledge Allegiance" by Delores Chamblin
Published in Book The Best Poems and Poets of 2004


I want to kiss away all your invisible tears
And wipe away pain suffered throughout the years

I long to hold on to your manhood real tight
To let you know everything is going to be alright

And allow you to release juice of pent up sorrow
While I assure you there will be a better tomorrow

I want to drink your tears and quench my thirst
Just give me a moment to wipe away mine first

(Copyright © Delores Chamblin January 2004)


Assimilation yet such widespread segregation
Beautification around city slum deterioration

Concentration of blacks in the prison plantation
Discrimination cause boycott and mass demonstration

Extermination of all the possible "terrorist" nations?
Fragmentations of our people in their personal relations

Generation gaps, perplexed ask for an explanation
Humilation and fear throughout the airport station

Integration of our richest, for the poorest - segregation
Justification for a war in the midst of mass starvation?

Kwanzaa-education, seven principles for our elevation
Litigation for injustices, and the over-due compensation

Modernization and technology in the African nation
Naturalization of self or stop all the proliferation?

Obligation to a hypocritical, double standard nation
Publication of race confrontation in higher education:

Qualification or just an exaggeration of grade inflation?
Reparations demands - for our past and present situation

Salvation-religion, a way to our people's elevation
Temptation for us to go with the flow of the nation

Unification of race and family to help the situation
Verification and DNA testing for the false accusation

Westernization, infiltration changing other civilization
eXpectation to improve our own complex unique situation

Young-generation music rappers, black female "sexploitation"
Zulu-relation? Torn apart, slavery still haunts the nation

(Copyright © Delores Chamblin January 2002)


Oftentimes I stayed
in the shade of the
trees all day.

But today I danced
and pranced
along the moist cool bay,

watching butterflies and bees
swarming around trees ...

young tropical trees
that were swaying
and playing
along with the breeze.

I sat near a mass
of withered grass
and delicate little flowers,

thinking of nothing at all,
just watching leaves fall,
descending in little showers.

As the evening neared
and I feared
the mysteriously tranquil dark,

I quickly got up and began
to skip then ran
home, forgetting about my lark.

When I reached my shack
the same black
of the night was everywhere.

So I went straight ahead
into my bed,
not looking back on my fear.

(Copyright © 1973 Delores Duncan Chamblin)


As time drifts away into a web of allusion
Voices emerge into a mind with conclusion

While messengers and chatters are out of fusion
Real faces struggle through the masks of illusion

And enter the net tangled in conflicting delusion
Adding FYI to the wide world of confusion

(Copyright ©2004 Delores Chamblin)


A sailor searched the sea
To see which way it led
He followed the current
For he couldn't see ahead

When the moving current
Very swiftly went by
The sailor raised his head
And looked out for the sky

He searched for the rainbow
Through the gray foggy day
And continued to move on
Though he couldn't see the way

(Copyright ©1980 Delores Chamblin)

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