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About Designer & AfriCreations

Delores Chamblin is the owner and creator of AfriCreations. All crocheted
items on this site are also Ms. Chamblin's own original handmade creations.

Delores Chamblin is a self-taught professional designer who has been designing and
crocheting for many years. Since the 1970's, her unique creations have been sold at
many events and to gift shops. In the 1980's and 1990's some of her creative crochet
patterns and designs were sold to Caron International yarn company and publishers
(see below). Her crocheted tapestries, hats and other original creations were featured
in a month long exhibit at Wyandanch Public Library, Long Island New York in 1991.
Other creations have been displayed and sold at the gift shop of the African American
Museum in Hempstead New York in the 90's and Polk Museum of Art (a Smithsonian
Institution affiliate) gift shop in 2010 and in 2011. Today some of the unique pictorial
tapestry crochet creations with Afrocentric and nature themes, original floral crochet
and textile crocheted designs (such as the textured plaids & checkered stitches) are
printed on a wide assortment of products at:

AfriCreations Originals Real Crochet Imagery (online store via Zazzle)

AfriCreatins Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1686
Lakeland, FL 33802-1686

Tel: (863) 648-2354

AfriCreations E Mail Addresses:

General Info: infor@africreations.com
About Order: order@africreations.com

Original Crocheted Tapestries, etc. by Delores Chamblin at
Polk Museum of Art Gems & Jewels Artist Market 11/18/10

Delores Chamblin is a Member of Crochet Guild of America

Delores Chamblin's ~*~ Published Works

Bathroom Tissue Toppers To Crochet (Leisure Arts 1993)

Holiday Baby Bibs To Crochet (Leisure Arts 1993)

Original Crochet Wall Haning Designs in
Family Circle Fashions & Crafts Magazine, 1986

Original Crochet Wall Haning Designs in
Women's Circle Magazine (Autumn 1992 & Summer 1993)

Delores Chamblin's original crochet pattern for the Plaid Tissue
Topper is included in Vanna White's book: Vanna's Afghan and
Crochet Favorites.
AfriCreations is also listed in the book
Crocheting For Fun & Profit by Darla Sims

Delores Chamblin's & AfriCreations' Awards
& Recognitions

Best Online Accessories

Rise To Power Achievement Award Winner
(Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association)

Influencers & Innovators of the Internet & Technology

Other Relevant Achievements and Information

AfriCreations Video and Audio Archives

SLIDE SHOW: AfriCreations Originals Crochet by Delores chamblin

Delores' Educational Crochet Works at West African Adinkra Symbols

** Black Women Host Innovative Internet Radio **
Programs That Educate Motivate Inspire & Inform

Poem "As We Pledge Allegiance" by Delores Chamblin
Published in Book: The Best Poems and Poets of 2004

POEMS by Delores Chamblin ~*~ and Poetry Award

100 Black Women of Long Island (Member 1993 - 1994)

Delores Chamblin - Wikipedia

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of your personal information to unauthorized persons.

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the service marks and properties of AfriCreations. All other
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