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Unique Crochet Creations
Designed and Created by Published Designer Delores Chamblin

Stylish Handmade Hats

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Postcards & U.S. Stamps with Crochet Designs by Delores Chamblin

------------------------------------- EVENTS NEWS & INFO -------------------------------------

The following items are original crocheted works designed and handmade by
Delores Chamblin that were at events & festivals. Some (keychains, magnets,
coasters, postcards and more) have unique prints of the crocheted creations.

AfriCreations' table at LIAACC African American Business Expo on 2/22/18 at
Nassua Community College had an interesting variety of crocheted creations
by Delores Chamblin (below). Also in the photo is Phil Andrews, the president
of LIAACC, the largest African American Chamber of Commerce in New York.

AfriCreations Designer Crochet & Prints at New Mt Zion MB Church Festival, Lakeland Fl 4/21/18

Handmade Hats & Other Accessories at Motown Tribute Variety Show 12/16/17.
Performance by Pinxster. The old school musical show also honored veterans.
Images below show some of the handmade creations & unique crochet Prints!

Original Crochet Headwear, Footwear, And More At Historic L.B. Brown Festival Feb 2017, Feb 2018
L.B. Brown Festival Celebrate 150th Anniversary of 1865
L.B. Brown Festival Honors Man Who Rose From Slavery To Build Good Life

AfriCreations at Evelyn Bryant Cultural Festival 2/3/18 Mulberry Florida. An Original
Crochet Tapestry by Delores Chamblin won 2nd Prize in the Craft-and-Quilt Contest.
Mulberry Festival Celebrates City’s Diversity

Crochet Hats, Cases, Slippers and Accessories at Black History Festival, Lakeland Fl Feb 2018

Headbands With Caribbean Island Name or Flag, Hats, Bags, Etc. Were
Some of the Unique Crochet Items at Tampa Caribbean Carnival 4/22/17
WFLA News Channel 8 Video Re The Festival

Handmade Shoes, Hats, Bags, Etc. by Delores Chamblin at
Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival 2015

Custom Crocheted Hat Designed & Handmade by Delores
Chamblin For Talented Old School Music Group Showtime